National Professional Qualifications - Middle Leaders

National Professional Qualification for Middle Leaders - NPQML
The NPQML is accredited by the UK Department for Education (DfE).  The qualification is delivered by Ambition Institute via the Ambition NPQ Alliance, a provider of UK accredited qualifications for education professionals worldwide.
The NPQML provides a recognition of leadership development and professional achievement for middle leaders.
Who is this for?
NPQML is suitable for middle leaders with responsibility for a team including key stage leaders, subject leaders, curriculum leaders and also heads of department or pastoral leaders.
What are the benefits?
  • Expert designed curriculum, content and resources which align to the required leadership behaviours and competencies, provided by Ambition Institute
  • Minimum 18 hours of face-to-face facilitated training delivered over at least two terms (but not more than 18 months)
  • Two 360 degree reviews (at the beginning and end of the programme)
  • Option of a Viva
  • A network of peers and relevant experts
  • Assessment support and full assessment of your final submission
  • Trained and quality assured facilitators
The qualification covers 6 content areas which set out what a leader should know or should be able to do and 7 leadership behaviours which set out how the best leaders operate. 
  • Commitment
  • Collaboration
  • Personal drive
  • Resilience
  • Awareness
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Strategy and Improvement
  • Leading with Impact
  • Teaching and Curriculum Excellence
  • Managing Resources and Risk
  • Working in Partnership
  • Building Capacity
Programme Outline
The qualification covers 6 content areas which set out what a leader should know or should be able to do and 7 leadership behaviours which set out how the best leaders operate.  
 Date Session   Content
 01/12/2020  1 What is my role as a middle leader?  What do I wasn't to achieve?
 05/01/2021  2 Data Leadership - Where am I now?  How do I know?
 02/03/2021  3 Where do we want to be and how do I best motivate and influence others to get there?
 30/03/2021  4 How can I get the best out of my team?
 08/06/2021  5 How can I use professional development to raise standards and embed change?
 06/07/2021  6 What have you achieved and what is next for you?
Assessment - Leading an improvement project (4,500 words)

Candidates must lead an improvement project within their team/school lasting at least two terms to:

a)   improve pupil progress and attainment

b)   the capability of their team

A written account of the project covering the design, implementation and evaluation must be submitted for the assessment.  Project scripts and supporting evidence are assessed in accordance with a mark scheme provided by the DfE and are subject to national moderation.  As part of the project you will need to evidence the required competencies and behaviours.



Due to the Covid19 pandemic sessions will take place virtually in the short-term.  The sessions will start from 2.30pm until 6.00pm. 


All state-maintained schools, academies and independent schools in the UK £750.00.

Cohort size

Each cohort has a maximum of 18 candidates.

How to apply

NPQ applications are currently closed.  If you would like to express an interest in joining our Autumn 2021 intake, please click on 'Expressed Interest' link and complete the short form.  

You will be asked to upload the following as part of your registration:

A signed declaration from your headteacher in which they agree to support you through the programme and confirm that the school will finance the cost of the course.  It will save you time if you have this available before you start your registration.

Our programmes meet the standards set out in the DfE's NPQ Quality Framework

We follow Ambition Institute's policies in the following areas, which can be accessed by clicking on the relevant link:

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