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We are proud to come together in a celebration of the creativity and resilience that refugees bring to our community.

At our schools, we are lucky to include a number of refugee families, and we’re proud for our school communities to be welcoming to those in need of sanctuary.

Reflecting this atmosphere, we are proud that our schools, Central Walker Primary School, Walkergate Primary School, and West Walker Primary School have all been awarded recognition as Schools of Sanctuary for going above and beyond to welcome refugees and asylum seekers.

At our schools, it’s been really refreshing and insightful to see how much asylum seekers and refugees have exposed our school communities to different viewpoints and given us a further understanding of issues going on around the world. Bringing different cultures together broadens the horizons of all our learners.

We are also delighted to share news that many other schools in our trust are also in the process of doing the important work to attain this accreditation. Being a welcoming environment is not just about saying so, it’s also about taking active steps to ensure we’re doing the right thing.

As part of this, all our schools will also be recognising A Day of Welcome on 16th June, where we reinforce our commitment to providing a safe haven to those in need.