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Joining NEAT

The trust is actively seeking to grow the number of academies within NEAT.  We are interested in informal conversations with maintained schools or single academy trusts that may be looking to join a multi academy trust, particularly those that share a similar common purpose, vision and values to NEAT.

The Confederation of School Trusts publishes a number of free resources to support schools who are thinking about joining a trust to get started.

In terms of the formal process of joining NEAT our Due Diligence and Induction Procedure explains how we approach undertaking the checks and balances needed before a school joins NEAT and how we ensure the transition is successful.

We also publish a privacy notice that explains how we will protect personal data shared with us by a school that may join NEAT to enable the due diligence and transfer processes to be completed.

Please contact us to arrange to speak to Debi Bailey, Chief Executive Officer or Charles Turvill, Chief Operating and Financial Officer.