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Following his appointment last term, Whitehouse Primary School’s new Headteacher, Michael Moran has gotten underway in the role. In this blog, find out more about his background, and his plans for the future at Whitehouse!

Talking about his key values as an educator, Mr Moran said, “I really believe that all children should be given the chance to shine in whatever they’re good at. School should be the place to unlock that potential and nurture it. Through my own experience as the first person in my family to go to university, I believe a good teacher really can change someone’s life.”

In the coming year, Mr Moran states that he is “ambitious to create a shared intent and ambition for the curriculum and put plans in place to make it happen.”

At NEAT, we believe that every child should be encouraged to be ambitious and aware of the wide range of options available to them as they grow up. Mr Moran agrees, stating that at Whitehouse, he is “focused on creating lifetime experiences and purposeful learning that takes pupils out of their comfort zones, showing them what’s out there and what’s possible. In a year’s time, when someone mentions ‘Whitehouse’ I want the response to be “Oh, you’re the school that does everything for the kids!””

Before joining our school, Michael was Headteacher at St Aidan’s Primary School in Ashington, leading them to a successful Ofsted inspection last year, and has been in education for 13 years!

Asked about his first impressions of his new school, he said: “Children are well behaved, well-cared for and love being at school. There’s a really calm atmosphere in the classrooms and the staff have fantastic relationships with the families we serve.”

“There’s a lot of wonderful stuff going on at Whitehouse and I want to prioritise sharing it! Keep an eye on our social media feeds to see what’s going on.”

Finally, we asked Mr Moran what he wants parents to know about him beyond his plans for the school:

“Sport is really important to me, I manage Newcastle School girls under 11s outside of school, I’m a massive Newcastle fan and I love being involved in anything like this in school. I’d wear a tracksuit to work every day if I could find a reason to!”

“I really do love my job – I love organising things that I know the kids will love and remember forever. Deep down, I’m just a massive 10 year old – it really helps when doing this job.”

We think these are some really exciting plans, and we’re looking forward to seeing Whitehouse and its new Headteacher thrive over the coming years!