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The 5th to the 11th of February is National Apprenticeship Week and we’d like to spotlight some of the amazing current and former apprentices from across our trust.  We value the contribution and the skills that our apprentices have brought to the trust. One of our key trust priorities within our workforce is to grow potential and support the trust in realising this goal. 

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Liam Ely – ICT Support Technician

My apprenticeship experience has been great, I believe my course has given me the surface level technical skills and on the job experience to grow my skills and behaviors which landed me a permanent position at NEAT Academy Trust as an IT Technician. Throughout my apprenticeship my line manager would assign me tasks that would help me hit the key knowledge, skills and behavior needed on the essential criteria for my projects. I would receive structured feedback on my progress, which was a great help in completing my end point assessment.

Jake Brett – Digital Marketing Apprentice

My apprenticeship experience so far has been great, over the last 12 months I have completed a number of workplace projects to demonstrate my understanding of various areas within digital marketing. I have been greatly supported by my line manager with my learning and development as well as employees across NEAT Academy Trust who have been understanding, helpful and given me tools to complete my work to a high standard. I have been able to mix study time, course work and daily tasks as part of my role to gain the key skills in a wide range of areas. I have found that Baltic apprenticeships and the staff at NEAT Academy Trust, have been really understanding when it came to prioritising my workload.

Connor Lawson – Data Technician Apprentice

I’m currently coming to the end of my data technician apprenticeship and I feel this experience has given me a new appreciation for learning. I am able to achieve a good work/life balance, I am never pressured between my course work completion and day to day operations of my role. I am always learning new procedures from my line manager and I am assigned challenging but rewarding tasks that give me a sense of accomplishment. Apprenticeships strike a good balance between academic and theoretical learning but also provide actual workplace experience and the challenges and quirks that only come up during a working day.