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NEAT Academy Reflects on Our Economy 2023: Shaping Future Paths for Pupils


On the 15th of November 2023, Helen Taylor, NEAT Academy Trust, attended the final “Our Economy” event hosted by NE LEP at The Catalyst, Helix. 


Impact on NEAT Pupils


The Our Economy event unfolded a wealth of insights that directly impact NEAT pupils. With a focus on inclusive productivity, discussions at the event illuminated future pathways and opportunities, shaping the educational landscape for our learners.

What It Means for Our Learners

The dialogue at Our Economy prompted NEAT Academy Trust to reflect on the evolving needs of the job market. Recognising the importance of holistic education, we aim to equip our learners with academic knowledge and the practical skills required for post-16 success.

Preparing Pupils for the Next Steps Post-16

As NEAT Academy Trust looks to the future, our commitment to preparing pupils for the next steps post-16 is unwavering. Insights from the event have fueled our efforts to guide students through various paths, including training programs, apprenticeships, further education, and employment opportunities. As part of the work being carried out on the Cradle to Careers Project, we will develop the following provision:

– Training

  • – Development of a curriculum where careers, experiences and skills run as the golden thread from Early Years to Year 11 and ultimately align with industry needs.
  • – Forge partnerships with vocational training institutions.

– Apprenticeships

  • – Collaborate with local businesses to create apprenticeship opportunities.
  • – Provide comprehensive information on the benefits of apprenticeships.

– Further Education

  • Strengthen ties with colleges and universities to facilitate seamless transitions.
  • Offer guidance on academic paths and potential career trajectories.

– Employment

  • – Establish connections with local employers to create job placement opportunities.
  • – Develop career readiness programs focusing on resume building and interview skills.

NEAT Academy Trust’s Reflections

Our Economy 2023 served as a catalyst for introspection at NEAT Academy Trust. It reaffirmed our commitment to staying attuned to regional economic dynamics, ensuring our educational offerings align with the skills demanded by employers. These reflections guide our continuous efforts to provide a relevant and forward-thinking education for our pupils.

Why It is Important to Attend These Events

Participating in events like Our Economy is essential for NEAT Academy Trust. Beyond gaining insights into educational trends, these events offer unparalleled opportunities for networking and understanding the economic landscape.  

– Networking Opportunities

  • – Connect with industry professionals to foster partnerships.
  • – Create a collaborative community for the benefit of pupils.

– Insights into the Economic Picture

  • – Understand the economic needs of the region for informed educational planning.
  • – Align curriculum with the skills required for local employment opportunities.

– Understanding Employer Needs

  • – Gain firsthand knowledge of the skills sought by employers.
  • – Adapt educational strategies to meet industry expectations.

“Our Economy Event” Insights

Key takeaways from Our Economy 2023 include:

  • – Devolution Process Deal: Discussions on the devolution process deal with a significant inflow of funds into the region in the future.
  • – Inclusive Productivity Network: Exploring key principles for delivering inclusive productivity, emphasising good quality jobs, health, further education, accessible childcare, and designing an economy that serves all.

  • Insights from Panel Discussions: Key insights from panel discussions included the significance of higher education, vocational skills, degree apprenticeships, and driving productivity in foundational sectors.
  • Success Story from Nisha Katona: A shared journey from barrister to a successful restaurateur emphasised creating workplaces that contribute to the inclusive economy, offering better jobs and positive work environments.

Embracing Inclusive Productivity

NEAT Academy Trust is committed to embracing inclusive productivity principles and aligning our educational strategies with the regional economic priorities discussed at the Our Economy event. By doing so, we strive to provide pupils with the tools they need for a successful post-16 journey and beyond.  We want our community to be empowered to benefit from the opportunities that are presented through the Devolution deal, developing our curriculum and Careers Education will play a major part in this ambition of the Trust.

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