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NEAT ITT: The Challenges and the Triumphs of Our First Complete Term of delivering the NEAT SCITT Trainee Programme

Delivering our first full-term of NEAT Academy Trust’s SCITT Programme – an update on our journey so far.

This past term has been an exciting one for us as we launched our inaugural cohort of trainees. In this article, we’ll reflect on the challenges we’ve faced and the successes we’ve achieved in building a robust and inspiring teacher training program.


1. Starting from Scratch: One of our most significant challenges was assembling a comprehensive program from the ground up. It required meticulous planning and the dedication of our entire team.

2. Pace of the Program: Supporting our trainees in coping with the fast-paced nature of the program presented its own set of challenges. The demands of teaching are intense, and our trainees have been working diligently to rise to the occasion.


1. Team Collaboration: The past year has seen our team come together in remarkable ways. The effort and dedication of everyone involved have been key to our progress.

2. Recruitment: We’re excited to announce that our second recruitment cycle is now open on the Department for Education website. This reflects our commitment to bringing in more talented individuals to join our program.

3. Promotion at ‘Get Into Teaching’ Event: In November, we actively participated in the ‘Get Into Teaching’ event, where we showcased our SCITT program. It was a fantastic opportunity to spread the word and connect with prospective trainees.

4. Eager Trainees: Our trainees have brought a wave of enthusiasm and willingness to learn. Their eagerness to become an integral part of our schools is truly inspiring.

5. Increased Capacity: We’ve expanded our program to accommodate 15 trainees across the Trust, a testament to our growth and commitment to nurturing future educators.

We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished in our first term and are excited about what the next term holds for us. The NEAT SCITT program is not just about training teachers; it’s about empowering the educators of tomorrow.

We want to thank everyone who has supported us on this journey, and we’re looking forward to the challenges and successes that the future will bring.

For more information about our NEAT SCITT program and to stay updated on our progress, please visit our NEAT SCITT Page.


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