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Staff from NEAT Academy Trust attended the the North East Devolution Briefing. Organized by NE LEP, this event, took place at Newcastle catalyst on Tuesday 18 July, and briefed the business community about the foundations being laid for a transformative journey towards regional growth and economic prosperity. In this blog post, we delve into what North East Devolution entails, its potential impact on the local economy and employment opportunities, and how NEAT Academy Trust is poised to educate our students to contribute to the region’s growth through enhanced employability skills.

North East Devolution: Unlocking the Region’s Potential

The North East Devolution represents a significant step forward for our region, granting us greater decision-making powers on issues crucial to our local communities and businesses. This transfer of powers from the national government to the region enables us to shape policies that best meet our unique needs, fostering a renewed sense of independence and agency.

Boosting the Local Economy and Employment Opportunities

One of the key benefits of North East Devolution is the capacity to stimulate our local economy. By having more control over investments, infrastructure development, and economic strategies, we can tailor initiatives that drive economic growth, attract investments, and create new job opportunities.

With increased autonomy, NEAT Academy Trust understands the importance of preparing our students for the evolving regional job market. We are committed to equipping them with the necessary employability skills to thrive in this changing landscape.

NEAT Academy Trust: Preparing Students for Regional Growth

At NEAT Academy Trust, we recognize that today’s job market demands a diverse set of skills. Our curriculum is designed to nurture attributes such as critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, collaboration, and digital literacy. These skills go hand-in-hand with the requirements of a rapidly evolving regional economy.

Through our partnership with local businesses and community organizations, we ensure that our students gain exposure to real-world industries, allowing them to develop practical skills and make informed career choices. We also prioritize work experience opportunities, internships, and apprenticeship programs, providing hands-on learning experiences that align with the needs of the region’s growing sectors.

NEAT Academy Trust is committed to equipping students with with the essential employability skills through our tailored curriculum and the NEAT Experience. With the ultimate goal of nurturing future citizens who will make positive contribution to our community.