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Reflecting on a Transformative Year at NEAT Academy: Building The Trust’s Digital Future

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January 2023: The Beginning of a Digital Journey

This year marked the onset of an inspiring journey to establish the Digital Department from its very foundations. With a fresh department, a new lead, and a newly appointed Digital Apprentice all stepping into the realm of digital marketing for the first time, the task appeared formidable. Yet, for our dedicated team, this presented a unique chance to begin with a clean slate and nurture a service from its inception. Despite anticipating a steep learning curve, the team brimmed with enthusiasm to develop and expand the service.

Starting From Scratch: Embarked on the unfamiliar terrain of digital marketing.

Rapid Adaptation: Stepped in to manage a digital marketing apprentice amidst staffing changes.

The Challenges Faced

Throughout the year, our Digital Team faced a host of challenges, each presenting an opportunity for growth and innovation. The main focus was on establishing a strong digital foundation for NEAT Academy.

 Limited Online Presence: Tackling NEAT’s minimal social media footprint.

Outdated Digital Resources: Modernising the website interfaces.

Inconsistent Branding: Streamlining the brand image across various platforms.

Lack of Established Protocols: Creating and implementing digital marketing processes from the ground up.

Supporting New Talent: Guiding and mentoring a digital marketing apprentice.


The Process and Progress


NEAT Digital’s journey was marked by a series of strategic decisions and collaborations that significantly advanced our digital presence and capabilities.

 Strategic Approach: Prioritised shared strategic goals and mapped out objectives.

Collaboration with Eduprise: Partnered with a specialised digital marketing firm for education.

Campaign Successes: Successfully ran key campaigns focused on attendance, admissions, community engagement, and more.

Website Revamp: Launched redesigned websites for all NEAT schools.

Staff Engagement: Developed and launched the staff intranet NEAT NOW! and rebranded a secondary school’s logo and signage.

Operational Planning: Authored Digital’s first operational plan.

Embracing AI: Began integrating AI technologies for enhanced digital learning.


Looking Ahead: 2024 and Beyond


As we look to the future, we are filled with excitement and anticipation for the continued evolution of our digital department, focusing on further integration and innovation.

Year 2 Goals: Embedding established processes and developing a digital strategy for the Newcastle Research School.

Continued Development: Further refine the intranet and welcome a new school to NEAT. Data-Driven Approaches: Utilising Google Analytics to inform and refine digital campaigns.

Digital Skills Expansion: Launching the Digital Skills Champions project in collaboration with IT.

Embracing New Challenges: Eagerly anticipating the continued evolution of NEAT’s digital landscape.

Reflecting on this transformative year, it’s clear that a strong foundation has been laid for NEAT Academy’s digital future. From building a department from scratch to integrating AI, Digital has navigated challenges and embraced opportunities for growth and innovation. As we move forward into 2024, we remain committed to enhancing our digital capabilities and supporting our students’ educational journey.

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