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On Wednesday 15th June, NEAT Academy Trust/ our CEO, Debi Bailey, attended and spoke at a Celebration Event hosted by SHINE Trust in Newcastle. Debi was invited to talk to delegates about our trust values and vision and how SHINE has supported our work through funding. The role of SHINE is to help provide support and funding to a range of projects in the North East. For NEAT, that includes working to identify potentially vulnerable children much earlier in their school career so that bespoke and robust curriculum opportunities can be provided. By doing so the aim is to enable a successful transition to secondary school for all children and ultimately develop successful, lifelong learners.

The following video features Debi discussing the importance that teachers play in supporting and championing our young people. We also hear from a number of our children who attend Central Walker Church of England School talk about their favourite teachers and the reasons why. As Debi says in the video “teachers are often the one constant in a young person’s life and their ability to support and champion them can often be invaluable.”

Here at NEAT Academy Trust we will continue working hard on behalf of all our children and young people to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to succeed no matter their circumstances or background. We are really proud of our schools and the work they do to make a difference.