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Public Consultation – Benfield School Admissions

Consultation Arrangements

Commencing: Wednesday 8 November 2023 at 15:00

Ending: Wednesday 20 December 2023 at 15:00

Responses: Comments/opinions on this proposal can be submitted to the Trust Board of NEAT Academy Trust via online submission (using link at the bottom of this page) or in writing to:

NEAT Academy Trust
1 Hedley Court
Orion Business Park
North Shields
Tyne & Wear
NE29 7ST

NEAT Academy Trust intends to update the oversubscription criteria to the Benfield School Admissions Policy.

Timescale to implement changes: Publication of the 2025/26 Admission Policy.

It is proposed to amend the oversubscription criteria for Benfield School to include at criterion 2:

“Children attending one of the following schools: Byker Primary School, Central
Walker Church of England Primary School, Tyneview Primary School, Walkergate
Community School, West Walker Primary School.”

It is further proposed to include sibling link as the first priority order within criterion 2,
therefore “category 2a would be children from the above list of schools with a sibling
already at Benfield School then “category 2b” would be children from the above list
of schools without a sibling at Benfield School.

Criterion 3 will next prioritise applicants from other schools with a sibling at Benfield School.

Within each oversubscription criterion, distance will determine the rank order.

In all cases, the tiebreaker applied if the ranking is equal will be random order.

A draft version of the updated 2025/26 Admissions Policy for Benfield School can be viewed here:

Please click on the following link if you have any comments/opinions that you wish to be considered regarding the above proposal: Consultation – Benfield 2025/26 Admissions Policy

We are consulting on changing our admissions arrangements. Please see the public consultation pages in the Key information section for more information