Admissions Policy

NEAT is its own admissions authority and decides the admissions arrangements for the schools within the trust.
The admissions arrangements for September 2018 to Reception and Year 7  were agreed by the governing body of the predecessor schools before the four primary schools joined the trust on 1 April 2017 and Benfield School joined the trust on 1 May 2017.  The admissions policies that apply for 2018-19 admissions are published on our individual schools' websites
The trust has reviewed its admissions arrangements for September 2019 based on the national timeline for schools and academies published by the DfE.  We decided our admissions arrangements and published each school's Admission Policy for 2019-20 by 15 March 2018.  We did not make any changes to the admissions arrangements that applied to each school before they became an academy.  The admissions policies that apply for 2019-20 admissions are published on our individual schools' websites.
We work closely with the school admissions team at Newcastle City Council.  You can find information about the process and timetable on the Admissions and school transfers sections of their website.